Bridging Distances,

Building Dreams

Connecting western businesses to Sri Lanka's vibrant tech scene, transforming global expansion dreams into tangible success.

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PDMC Services

Transforming your global expansion dreams into reality, PDMC provides comprehensive solutions to manage and establish your tech team in Sri Lanka.

Company Formation and Secretary Services

We navigate the legal maze to set up your company in Sri Lanka, handling all secretarial tasks with expertise.

Private Banking Support

We ensure smooth financial operations, guiding you through the nuances of local banking systems and transactions.

Office Space Solutions

From co-working spaces to dedicated offices, we provide flexible workspace solutions tailored to your needs.

Accounting and Auditing

Our meticulous accounting and auditing services ensure financial transparency and compliance with Sri Lankan norms.

Payroll Management

We handle payroll complexities, from computation to disbursement, ensuring accuracy and compliance with local tax regulations

Human Resource Management

We foster a productive and satisfying work environment for your team, managing all HR-related aspects with a local perspective.

Talent Acquisition and Team Management

We handpick the best tech minds and manage your team effectively, ensuring alignment with your core values and objectives.

PR and Legal Services

Our team manages your public relations, handles legal issues, and ensures that your company maintains a positive image in Sri Lanka.

Why Sri Lanka?

Sri Lanka, with its booming tech community and supportive digital economy initiatives, offers a fertile ground for your tech expansion.

Team Behind PDMC

Driven by a team of seasoned tech and management professionals, PDMC leverages extensive industry experience to guide your successful transition to Sri Lanka.

Frequently asked questions

What industries do you specialize in?

While our primary focus is on aiding the expansion of tech firms due to Sri Lanka's flourishing tech scene, our team's diverse expertise enables us to provide efficient services across various sectors. Regardless of your industry, we can help you build an efficient, high-performing team in Sri Lanka, and provide the necessary support for successful operations.

How does PDMC ensure a seamless transition when setting up teams in Sri Lanka?

We follow a structured and meticulous approach when assisting businesses with their expansion. From managing legalities related to company formation and providing private banking support to offering office space solutions and handling HR, payroll, and team management, we take care of every aspect. Our dedicated team works closely with you to understand your specific needs and ensure the transition is as seamless as possible.

How do you ensure the quality and skills of the talent you recruit for us?

Our Talent Acquisition and Team Management services are designed with a rigorous recruitment process. We have deep insights into the local tech talent landscape, and we use this knowledge to handpick individuals who not only have the required skillset but also align well with your company's culture and values.

How do you support the ongoing operations once the team is set up?

Our support doesn't end with just setting up your team in Sri Lanka. We continue to offer extensive HR Management, Payroll Management, PR, and Legal Services, among other services. We are your strategic partners ensuring smooth operations so that you can focus on your core business growth.

Beyond providing opportunities, how does PDMC contribute to the local economy and community in Sri Lanka?

At PDMC, we strongly believe in giving back to the community and contributing positively to the local economy. We understand that our corporate responsibility extends beyond business operations. That's why we collaborate with The Meththa Foundation, a renowned organization dedicated to supporting individuals who require prosthetics but cannot afford them. By sponsoring these patients, we aim to help them regain mobility and independence. This collaboration not only contributes to improving the quality of life for many individuals but also stimulates the local economy by promoting health and productivity. Our community involvement is a testament to our commitment towards empowering the local communities we operate in.