The Visionaries Behind PDMC

Our dedicated team at PDMC is driven by expertise, passion, and a shared vision to bridge the global tech landscape.

Sajith Caldera

Founder & CEO

Sajith Caldera, our Founder and CEO, is a seasoned tech entrepreneur with a successful history of founding ventures globally and in Sri Lanka. His technological acumen and experience fuel his vision for PDMC as a vital conduit for global tech expansion into Sri Lanka. Sajith's objective is to simplify the journey, allowing businesses to concentrate on their core goals while PDMC adeptly navigates the local landscape. His strategic direction is steering PDMC to become an invaluable ally for businesses venturing into new territories.

Aadhil Ramzi

Finance & Operations

With a rich background in managing extensive auditing and finance operations, Aadhil Ramzi, our Finance Manager, is a former Deloitte professional. He has successfully handled multiple financial operations for a wide array of international companies in Sri Lanka. His expertise in financial strategy and management enables him to create robust, transparent financial frameworks that inspire client confidence. Aadhil's vision is to simplify the financial landscape of Sri Lanka for our clients, empowering them to operate with ease and assurance.

Malik Nakib

Human Resources

Malik Nakib, our HR Manager, has a deep passion for local labor regulations and is dedicated to empowering employees and cultivating a culture that promotes growth, satisfaction, and productivity. His experience working closely with government labor departments and local agents enables him to streamline all HR-related aspects. His approach to HR fosters a harmonious alignment between overseas teams and their new cultural environment. Malik’s commitment to nurturing talent and enhancing workplace culture forms a critical part of PDMC's mission to facilitate successful business transitions to Sri Lanka.