Your Bridge to Sri Lanka's

Tech Scene

At PDMC, we pioneer the seamless integration of Western businesses into Sri Lanka's booming tech industry. Discover our mission, values, and the passion that drives us to transform your global expansion dreams into reality.

Our mission

At PDMC, our mission is to empower Western businesses to tap into Sri Lanka's thriving underground tech talent, thereby bringing a global spotlight to this reservoir of expertise. We strive to break down geographical and cultural barriers, allowing our clients to establish robust R&D teams in this dynamic landscape. We believe in the transformative power of cross-cultural collaborations and their capacity to disrupt and shape the global tech scene.

Alongside promoting Sri Lanka's tech talent to the world, our mission extends to creating a nurturing work environment for these individuals. We are staunch advocates for the immense potential that lies within Sri Lanka, and it is our commitment to ensure that this potential is realized, nurtured, and celebrated. We aim to empower the local economy, fostering opportunities for the tech professionals while providing an efficient, rewarding, and enriching experience for our clients.

Our values

PDMC stands firm on the foundation of integrity, collaboration, empowerment, and excellence. Integrity is at our core, fostering trust and forming enduring partnerships with our clients through transparency and accountability. Collaboration is key in our operations, viewing every relationship as a partnership, and working together to propel the Sri Lankan tech scene onto a global platform.

Empowerment resonates in our commitment to uplift the tech talent and economy of Sri Lanka, fueling growth and inspiring innovation in local communities. Striving for excellence, we ensure top-tier, quality solutions that exceed expectations, fostering your success within Sri Lanka's thriving tech industry.