The Unseen Tech Powerhouse of the East

Discover Sri Lanka, a vibrant gem in South Asia offering an ideal blend of technological prowess and rich human capital, ready to power your business expansion.

Powering Global Tech Giants

Sri Lanka is the engine behind numerous globally renowned software platforms, powering a range of services from commerce to aviation. Sri Lankan software fuels eBay’s enterprise bus, managing 149 million active buyers, 700 million listings, and over $200 billion in commerce. The world's fastest trading platform, London Stock Exchange, achieving 20,000 round trip orders per second with a 50µs latency, is also powered by Sri Lankan software.

Moreover, the award-winning, fastest expanding airline handling over 44+ million passengers and 180+ aircrafts, depends on Sri Lankan software. Not to mention, the ERP system for the world's largest hydro-power dam, Three Gorges Dams, generating 22.5GW of electricity, is powered by Sri Lankan software as well. These extraordinary feats demonstrate Sri Lanka's prowess in the global tech arena.

Recognized as a Premier Offshoring Destination

Sri Lanka is no stranger to international acclaim for its outsourcing capabilities. Gartner ranks Sri Lanka among the top 30 locations for offshore services. The country was selected as the Offshoring Destination of the Year for two consecutive years by the UK's National Outsourcing Association. Furthermore, AT Kearney ranked Sri Lanka 16th in the Global Services Location Index.

This recognition is further affirmed by the presence of internationally reputed companies such as Microsoft, Intel, Accenture, HSBC, and many others, who have set up their R&D and offshore delivery centers in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka has clearly positioned itself as a highly sought-after destination for outsourcing services.

Rich Human Capital & Robust Infrastructure

Boasting a 92% literacy rate, one of the highest in Asia, Sri Lanka takes pride in its educated and competent workforce. The country stands at number 1 in UNDP's Human Development Index in South Asia. The University of Moratuwa, a leading Sri Lankan technology university, topped Google Summer of Code for 9 consecutive years, which further attests to the caliber of local talent.

Additionally, the island annually presents a pool of 140,000 individuals with various accounting qualifications, creating a valuable resource for the FAO industry. Coupled with its advanced infrastructure - being the first South Asian country to establish a 4G network and having 5 undersea cables backing the ICT industry - Sri Lanka is a paradise for tech companies looking to expand eastward.